Equinox Music Festival is an electronic music festival that occurs on the two equinoxes throughout the year in the Spring and Fall.  I wanted to create a design that combines organic elements and technology to convey the sense of life and energy in the culture, but also the electronic aspect. The two logos for the Spring and Fall concerts are the word "Equinox" with flowers growing out the type for Spring, and leaves growing for Fall. This provided a great way to make two lineup posters as continuations of that growth into a full plant that grows out of the logos and looks like a circuit board. The other two artwork posters focus more on the circuit board aesthetic, and create complex illustrations of lines extending from a leaf and a flower. Much of the design is black as electronic shows tend to take place at night because of the lights and visuals. The rest of the design includes clothing that includes the poster graphics and a website for the days of the festival.